Agro Commodities

India is one of the world’s largest food grains producers, the second largest vegetable producer and rice producer, making it one of the world’s agricultural powerhouses. With global agricultural trade on a sustained rise coupled with robust economic growth across the world, the Agro sector has number of trade opportunities in its offing, which is an important contributor to India’s growth story. Trident Agrocom Exports Private Limited is a leading global advisory and trading company in the business of international agricultural commodities trading. Trident Agrocom Exports Private Limited plays a strategic role of international commodities trader, agent and intermediary in the raw and processed agricultural commodities trading value chain including origination, processing, branding, merchandising and distribution, thereby reaping operational synergies and cost efficiencies transferring final benefit to end user. Our biggest advantage is having strong tie ups with manufacturers for all types of agro commodities.

We leverage on our network of global relations with agricultural commodities buyers and suppliers to execute all the commodities trades seamlessly with thorough understanding of the intricate interdependencies of the global markets and demand supply gaps. We carefully assess risk exposure on the ground, in local markets, where we can identify the real relationship between cause and effect. We have a wide range of time tested buyers and suppliers of agricultural commodities from across the world verified from perspective of their ethical and financial standing in the market. We deal with top 20 major suppliers for most agricultural commodities and all the major buyers across the buying countries giving us a natural advantage of optimal pricing, procurement and logistics management from supplier’s side as well as trade fulfillment guarantees from the buyers side.

Bulk Packaging

We can produce and customize the following agro-commodities in industrial produce which is in the form of bulk packaging

Maida – The high grade maida is offered to clients in the packaging of 50 Kg. Our maida is micro fined and is prepared from best quality wheat in our state of the art pneumatic plant. It has a high protein content and is used for preparing various food items including cake, naan, bhature, samosa, shakkar para, namak para, matthi , vermicelli and many more delicious recipes.

Atta – Over the years, we have created a knowledge-based network where our professionals are well prepared to cater to the clients located in any part of the world. The high grade maida is offered to clients in the packaging of 50 Kg. Our worldwide distributors are keen to attend all the queries of the customers and offer them most competitive price quotations. They provide our clients personalized services and prompt delivery of the products at their desired destination.

Suji and Rawa – Sooji and Rawa are words used for Semolina. Semolina is not only used as a battering ingredient in many Indian and International dishes, it is also used as the main ingredient in numerous foods, both sweet and savory, like Upma and Rawa Laddoo. For batters a fine version of Sooji is used whereas when it is the main ingredient, it is used in coarser form. The semolina flour (Suji) we offer to clients has got an excellent taste and is prepared from best quality wheat with the use of latest technology. We offer the best suji ( big granules ) to clients, which has got high protein ratio and is used in making halwa, idli, upama, uttapam, infant food, pancakes and many more delicious recipes. Our suji cerelac is highly nutritious for infants and is available in packaging of 500 gm.