Fruits and Vegetables

The trade in fresh fruits and vegetables is fundamentally volatile. They being highly perishable, seasonal and extremely delicate to handle. Additionally, geopolitical factors, market perception and the critical issue of global climate change has also added to the volatility of this market, our team understands these issues having acquired good information of various trends in the international arena. We provide customized service as per the requirements of importers in different parts of world. Along with the fresh fruits and vegetables our team deals in goods like cashew nuts, walnuts, apricots etc. While domestic production of agricultural produce is on the rise, there is a tremendous scope for exports of fresh vegetables and fruits in the coming years. This is where our signature line “We merge boundaries” comers into the picture. There is so much of scope to provide enough food and vegetables to the starving people of the world and also enough to provide the whims and fancies of the rich of the world.

Our strong partnerships with the backend is fully equipped in farming sourcing, packaging up to container stuffing. We have a complete setup with pack house and cold storage, having trained staff to look after sorting, grading & packing. We have 350 metric ton cold storage in the growing area of grapes, bananas and pomegranates. In the environment with ever increasing variables and complex market dynamics, we provide best of quality and timely deliveries. Our enduring relationships to the Agricultural communities across India, our own hygienic packaging arrangements wide experience in the agro trade as well as finance and deep insights will certainly provide the best of experience to our clients.

    Cavendish Banana

  • Length: 6 Inch & Above
  • Caliber: 40 mm to 46 mm
  • Maturity Age: 11 weeks – 13 weeks
  • Hands: 3| 4| 5| 6| 8
  • Weight: 7| 13| 18 Kg
  • Season: October to June


  • Packing: 6 Pcs |12 pcs| 15 Pcs
  • Weight: 1.5kg/3kg/4.5kg
  • Variety: Alphanso, Badami & Kesar
  • Season: January to June

    Table Seedless Grapes

  • Variety : Thomason Flame, Black Seedless, Red Globe & Many more…
  • Berry Size: 16mm & Above
  • Brix: 15 Brix & Above
  • Packing: Punnet & Pouch
  • Weight: 4|4.5|5|8.2|9 Kg
  • Season: November to March

    Red Pomegranate

  • Weight: 3|3.5|5 Kg
  • Packing: Tray & Loose Packing
  • Variety: Bhagava & Ganesh
  • Packing Count: 8|9|10|12|14|15
  • Season: January to December
  Onion Potato Coconut
Size 25 | 40| 60| 80 mm & Above 50 mm & Above 500 gram & Above
Packing Red Mesh Bag Yellow Mesh Bag Polly Mesh Bag (25 Pcs)
Weight 5 |10| 18| 25|40 Kg 5 |10| 18| 25|40 Kg 14| 15|16 Kg
Variety Red & White Jyoti & Lopkar Semi Husk | Husk Tender
Season January to December January to May January to December