Trident Agrocom Exports Private Limited is a tea trading company that buys as well as sources tea for clients. It also is marked for specialized blending Indian teas for the global market. We precisely select tea estates based on their performance history and quality. Following which we proceed to offer highly suitable procurement solutions for those in this industry. We carefully obtain of different teas like Darjeeling Tea, Black or Green and Organic Tea. Export of Indian and Foreign Tea has been a major activity area of the company. We also obtain the various accretions required. We procure tea and send out the precisely observed product , blend them if desired and then ship them to the buyers. India produces the finest quality of tea globally with perfect climatic conditions. Indian Tea is preferred all over the world. North and South Indian Tea is known for its specialty. At Trident we offer state of the art blends, which reflects the rich flavor of its origin. We pack our product with utmost care and under strict quality control. The virgin land of north east India with the ultimate promise of its outstanding geographical diversity, defined by its regal mountains, lush green vegetation and digressive rivers produce one of the world’s most known tea. We procure a host of different teas such as - Darjeeling tea, Assam tea, Black or Green, Organic tea and much more. Based on the bedrock of credibility, trust, performance and commitment we stand as a leading tea exporter. We walk the extra mile to find and offer nothing but the best Assam, Darjeeling, a variety of Black and Green, Oolong, Scented and Organic Teas. These are some of the products we usually deal in, our variety extends unbelievably. We have been meeting and still meet the special requests of our customers unconditionally.


  • Darjeeling Tea
  • Exotic Green Tea
  • Aromatic Oolong Tea
  • Rich Black Tea
  • Organic Tea

India produces the finest quality teas in the world. With perfect climatic and geographical conditions it is only natural that Indian teas are preferred all over the world. North and South Indian teas are known for their special flavour and taste. Grown on the high ranges of North and South India the tea is handpicked, processed and perfectly blended to give a special taste. Trident Agrocom Exports Private Limited being merchant Tea Exporters supply the best quality of CTC and Orthodox Teas from South India as well as Tea Blends from North India using the well known Assam Teas.

The Tea Export Business of the Company is divided into two categories:

  • Europe, USA and the Asia – Pacific Countries.
  • Russia and the CIS Countries.

Export of tea, branded and in bulk, has been a major thrust area of the company in the last few years. In Kazakhstan the company has been able to achieve large volume turnover of branded tea, with distributors in all major regions. The company has also been able to achieve orders from Iran and Singapore that are likely to stretch over a long period of time.

Tea Export Orders are undertaken for all countries as per the requirements of the clients.

Export to Europe, USA and Asia Pacific

For the European Countries, USA and the Asia Pacific countries, we usually supply Tea in Bulk packing as most customers have their own brands already existing in their markets.

For customers in these countries we supply both South Indian and North Indian teas in both the CTC and Orthodox Grades.

CTC Tea Pekoe, SBOP, BOP & BPe
Orthodox Tea FBOP, BOP and GBOP and BOP Fannings & BOP Dust
Organic Tea FOP, FP, GBOP, BOP, FBOP, BOP Fannings

For any specific requirements customers can contact us for details directly.

Export to Russia and the CIS Countries

For the markets of Russia and the CIS Countries we pack Tea in our existingBrands in

  • 100 Gms consumer packets packed in 12 Kg Master Cartons
  • 250 Gms consumer packets packed in 12 Kg Master Cartons
  • Bulk packing in Export Quality Jute Bags with inner plastic lining
  • Wooden Tea Chests

These Brands are specifically developed for the Russian and CIS Markets. For this market we have South India Blends and also Assam Blends.

India blends Blend
CTC Tea Pekoe, SBOP, BOP & BP
Orthodox Tea FBOP, BOP & GBOP

The CTC Tea Category has a blend consisting of Pekoe, SBOP, BOP and BP Grades of Tea.

The Orthodox Tea Category has a blend consisting of FBOP, BOP and GBOP Grades of Tea.

For the Assam Blend We use the CTC Tea Grades of Pekoe, SBOP, BOP and BP and the Orthodox Tea Grades of FBOP, BOP, and GBOP for our Assam Blends also. Our Assam Blend consists of high quality Assam Tea blended with a small portion of high quality South Indian Tea.

Tea Export Infrastructure

The company has its own tea gardens acquired in long lease in the upper belt of Assam and is also a buyer member in the Tea Auction Centres in India where top quality Teas are offered every week.

All the Teas are tasted and checked prior to buying and only the best Teas are selected for blending.

With its own packing and blending factory located near the auction centre, the company controls the quality of all products and carries out pre-shipment quality inspections by certified inspection agencies.

Indian Tea Facts & Figures

India produced a record 870 Million Kgs of Tea during 1998. Exports of Tea from India was 206 Million Kgs. India thus maintained its status as the largest Tea producer in the world.

India has a strong domestic Tea market with consumption above the 600 Million Kg mark per year. The market consists of many regional brands and blends in various parts of the country. Most Tea packing companies develop brands and blends according to the regional preferences of the people. The market consists of both Leaf Teas and Dust Teas both in the CTC and Orthodox Grades, with the Southern markets consuming more Dust Teas.

The export market for Indian Teas is mainly in the Russian and CIS countries with 90 Million Kgs of the total exports in 1998 going to these countries. This is equivalent to 43% of India's Tea exports. The other countries for India's Tea exports include most of the European Countries, U.S.A., Japan, West Asia and the Asia Pacific Region. In fact there is hardly any country where Indian Tea is not found.

Recently Organic Teas from India have started to arrive in the Export markets especially in Europe, U.S.A. and Japan. With the market opening up for these kind of Teas there are many producers who are catering to this segment of the market.