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Trident Agrocom Exports Private Limited wholly owned subsidiary of Trident Petrochem Hong Kong Limited with over 10 years of experience in Agro Farming & Distribution with an annual revenues in excess of US$100m. Trident Agrocom Exports Private Limited specializes in trading of agro commodities, tea, spices, fruits and vegetables apart from chemicals, seafood and construction / building materials.

Trident Agrocom Exports Private Limited is backed by a professional work force specializing in quality management, marketing, logistics and finance and with its strategic location in Mumbai, India; we have the expertise and experience in handling container and break bulk cargo to all parts of the world.

Our status as a private company and non-hierarchical partnership structure gives us a unique ability to be decisive, swift and innovative in our transactions. We instill a spirit of 100% ownership in our team by giving them 100% authority and decisive freedom within a broader framework of standard systems and processes which maintains fine balance between innovation and discipline. We provide highest emphasize on leadership development within the organization and each person is empowered with final authority and flexibility to deal with client requirement. We customize our approach, systems and processes not only from client to client but also from assignment to assignment keeping underlying principles common. Our model is based on collective responsibility with our stakeholders. We carefully assess risk exposure on the ground, in local markets, where we can identify the real relationship between cause and effect. To ensure success we believe in disciplined people, disciplined thoughts and disciplined actions.

Our Line of Business

Agro Commodities

India is one of the world’s largest food grains producers, the second largest vegetable producer and rice producer, making it one of the world’s agricultural powerhouses.

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Frozen Foods

The trade in fresh fruits and vegetables is fundamentally volatile. They being highly perishable, seasonal and extremely delicate to handle.

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Over the years, we have created a knowledge-based network where our professionals are well prepared to cater to the clients located in any part of the world.

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