We proudly are a

banana-focused company

With an ongoing business of 25+ years of experience, we are one of India's most prominent producers/harvesters/ exporters of bananas.

Currently, exporting more than 100 containers a month of just bananas, globally, we are the first company in India that is about to enter Europe to supply Indian bananas. For better quality and longer shelf life of this happy fruit, we have tied up with an international 20 years+ globally renowned tissue culture producer.

Our Vision

Feed the world with the goodness of bananas in a sustainable, responsible, and efficient way.

Our Mission

To be a whole-sole banana company that produces, harvests, and exports nutrition-rich and premium quality bananas all throughout the world.

Go Bananas - The Trident Way

More than

20,000 farmers

Go Bananas - The Trident Way

Exporting taste

with zero waste

Go Bananas - The Trident Way

A superfruit that is

everyone's favourite treat

Go Bananas - The Trident Way

5 years of delivering the

fruit that is loved by all